[Seminar] Systems Thinking and Workplace Bullying, Damian Stoupe

Systems Thinking and
Workplace Bullying


In 2008 the report ‘The cost of workplace bullying’ highlighted the annual economic costs to individuals, organisations and the economy; 200,00 people changed jobs, 100m lost working days and an annual cost to the UK economy of over £13bn.  A 2011 national workplace survey by the trades union UNISON suggest the situation is getting worse, despite an increased focus on eradicating the problem.

Workplace bullying is often seen as a result of dyadic relationships focussed on the experiences of individuals.  In this seminar, however, I will argue that bullying cannot be fully understood as an isolated event, albeit of an undefined duration.  Using systems thinking as a basis for the seminar I will explore the argument that bullying can only be understood in relation to the wider system of relationships that exist in the workplace and wider community.

Speaker: Damian Stoupe

Damian Stoupe is a MPhil/PhD student at the University of Bristol studying Learning Systems and Leadership. Damian is one of the 200,000 people a year who changed jobs as a result of a bullying episode.  He moved out of manufacturing industry to become a counsellor specialising in workplace issues, particularly interpersonal conflict.  He is also on the executive committee of BACP Workplace.

Event Details:

Time: April 26th, 17:00-18:15

Place: Room 2.17, the Graduate School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1JA

A PDF poster of this event can be download here.

All are welcome.


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